1:1 Life-size Figure

The year is 2026, humans are divided into two groups: the thinkers and the workers…

She is known by many names, Maria, False Maria, Hel, but whatever the moniker, her look is distinctive
1920’s German art deco. Highly imitated for almost a century, she is the original and definitive fem-bot
with timeless style and grace.

Fred Barton Productions is pleased to offer a limited number of units that were made for the Forrest J. Ackerman Collection. A small number of robots were discovered unsold in a distribution warehouse and are being made available to the public until the inventory is gone. And when these units are gone, that is it as the mold has been destroyed. The classic robotic beauty, hand crafted as a sturdy fiberglass statue, was made right here in the USA. Standing over six feet tall, she has a champagne pewter finish that is definitely from day’s future past.

$13,450. USD

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