“So, that’s what makes them tick – electronics”.

It’s beyond camp; it’s beyond classic, it’s “TARGET EARTH”

This brutal robot soldier was painstakingly recreated from rare archival photographs, extrapolated complex data, and the robot masters at Fred Barton Productions. Available only as an A/P Limited Edition, this 1:1 scale collectible is fabricated from sheet metal and special industrial custom hosing, identical to what was used in the original design. He lights up and clicks with those 1950’s type relay sounds in his head. Stands nearly 7’ tall on his low-tech base.


In 1954, a race of ruthless killer alien robots invade the Earth. Their plan, send one robot at a time to search out dead-beat drunks in every hotel lobby and bar in the city. No one is safe. Thanks to the military, the Earth is saved and the robot(s) destroyed by high-frequency sound that smashes the cathode ray tube in their heads. Just think ladies and gentlemen, if the robots had used metal in their heads instead of glass, no sound on Earth would have stopped them, but scientists are working on that right now, so rest easy.

These robots have not been seen for more than half a century and have never been available in a 1:1 scale. Act fast as this is a very limited edition and when these A/P units sell out – and they will, no more will be made. Hand made in the USA.

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TARGET EARTH  ©2010  Wade Williams Productions