Iron Giant

The Iron Giant

1:1 Life-Sized Figure

Two Scaled Replicas – Now In Production

$17,750.00 USD 

$5,450.00 USD

The cold war sure got hot in 1957 when a giant alien robot crash-lands near the small town of Rockwell, Maine. An unlikely friendship sprouts between 9-year old Hogarth and the metal munching child-like robot, right up until his inner programming takes over and he marches into the town bent on its total obliteration. But, the misunderstood giant eats a nuke in the end and the town is saved. So sad. Cold war is hell. But, the Iron Giant makes another great virtual big screen appearance in “Ready Player One”.

In the giant’s honor, Fred Barton Productions, the leader in museum quality famous movie robot collectibles, has carefully crafted a down-to-earth size replica of our hero, now available in both an 8 foot statue and a 3 foot maquette. The Iron Giant™ can now be yours comforting you with his warm car-eating smile and soft bedroom eyes. Super impressive in person.

  • Officially Licensed Replicas
  • Created From Animators CG File
  • Digitally Additive Manufactured
  • Sturdy Urethane Body
  • Steel and Structural Foam Reinforced Body, Armature, and Base

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