Tobor The Great



“Always with the gimmicks’s…”

Finding the original “Tobor, the Great” after being missing and presumed destroyed for over 50 years was truly a remarkable find. It’s the stuff dreams are made of. And all the urban legend stuff aside, only “The Robotman” could unravel the mystery of his whereabouts. Tobor to this day, remains safely stored along with his space-age remote control in a super collector’s private collection. Tobor is the third great robot from the fabulous fifties, in league with Robby, the Robot™ and Gort™. And unlike other Sci-Fi props where multiple units or generations of the same prop exist, there is only ONE original Tobor.

Fred Barton is pleased to offer on a private commission basis only, a limited edition Artist Proof replica of “Tobor, the Great”, hand made in sheet aluminum, wood and acrylic, with machined hardware, illumination, detail and stitched leather accents, all mastered directly from the original screen used robot – as restored by the artist.

The original Tobor designed by Gabriel Scognamillo and originally fabricated by prop-man Mel Arnold, (who also built Gort) has been authenticated by Fred Barton, the world’s recognized and leading authority and restorer of famous movie robots and by Super Collector and fellow master robot-builder John Rigg. Between Fred and John’s expertise and the provenance, there is absolutely no doubt that Barton has unearthed the highly coveted, original screen used “Hero” prop used in the film and brought him into the next millennium.


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